hi. i’m stef.


An Easy World borrows its name from my favourite ever band, and most days it describes how I feel about my life as a stay at home Mum to an awesome toddler (The Mancub. Born October 2011) and a beautiful baby (#2. Born October 2013). Of course we face our (many) challenges, but every day is filled with love and adventure, as well as the obligatory nappy changes and tantrums.

We live by the seaside in the UK, and our time is filled playing with dinosaurs, going swimming, making playdough, throwing pebbles in the sea, eating good food and reading a bazillion books.

The blog is where I come to write about the parenting issues that I feel passionate about, to keep a note of my children’s milestones and to wrangle out how being a good old fashioned housewife marries up with my feminist ideals. I also have a Tumblr where I post links to parenting articles, quotes and reblog random stuff I like.

Thanks for reading, following and commenting.

‘Don’t make it hard now, it’s an Easy World.’